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This is the time to hire evacuated employees

This war is everyone's war.  


You have the opportunity to do good, to make an impact by recruiting to your organization dedicated and hard-working employees, who were evacuated from their homes due to the war and were left with no income.


We invite you to join us and the numerous organizations that are already making a direct impact and creating personal and national resilience - by recruiting new employees from the Western Negev.


The '710 West' initiative carries out professional placement of evacuees in new positions in organizations and industries in Israel and around the world.

For the benefit of the project, a multidisciplinary team was established and is providing support to the evacuees and the recruiting companies. Experienced professional women from the fields of human resources and welfare accompany evacuees, and women from the business sector support organizations in adapting agile employment models.


The team provides broad support, adapted to the organizational needs, for the benefit of successful placement and integration of the employees in the organization.


We are committed to providing full support throughout the process, per the organization's needs, based on our wide experience in the fields of placement and diverse employment models.

The support includes:

Directing relevant candidates for the positions

Supporting the interview process

Mentoring for accepted employees

Co-working spaces for remote working options

The initiative is philanthropic, established by the social entrepreneur Hana Rado, founder of Amutat51, in collaboration with the Eshkol Regional Council, the Merage Foundation Israel, and Kibbutz Sa'ad.


Why is it so important for your organization to be a part of this?

Employment provides economic stability and a sense of certainty, it allows a return to routine and is significantly important for building resilience.

Your organization can create personal and social resilience that will form the infrastructure for social, human, and economic rehabilitation. This is the new corporate responsibility - national responsibility.


Your organization can help entire communities recover and deal with the shattering trauma!

This is the time to join us and strengthen the communities of the evacuees

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