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Who We Are

The '710 West' initiative was born to rebuild personal and national resilience among women and men who were evacuated from their homes and lost their livelihoods in the war. The initiative does this by creating economic stability - assistance in placement and integration at new jobs.


For the benefit of the project, a multidisciplinary team was established that provides answers to the evacuees and the recruiting companies. Experienced professional women from the fields of human resources and welfare accompany evacuees, and women from the business world adapt precise models of work for the employing companies.


The team provides broad, flexible, and customized support - both for the recruiting organizations and evacuees. The team works until creating a complete match and successful integration of every one of the job seekers.


The initiative is philanthropic, established by the social entrepreneur Hana Rado, founder of Amutat51, in collaboration with the Eshkol Regional Council, the Merage Foundation, and Kibbutz Sa'ad.

Hana Rado is a senior member of the advertising industry in Israel and has focused her resources in recent years on promoting employment for young men and women in the periphery and on the excellence of women in the business and management sectors. In this framework, she founded Group19, the Supersonas organization, and Amutat51.

Hana Rado's website >>

Amutat51 is focused on promoting quality employment for women in the periphery and operates based on collaborations with social businesses in the periphery and with local authorities. Amutat51 creates training programs that include professional and soft skills, and the participants are integrated into various organizations at the end as a lever for social mobility.

Amutat51's website >>


Merage Foundation Israel is the family foundation of David and Laura Merage of Denver, Colorado. Since 1998, the foundation has met its goal of strengthening a prosperous and cohesive Israeli society through a variety of social and economic endeavors. By incubating and accelerating circles of change—those strengthened strengthen others, thus leading the way in promoting prosperity for Israel and well-being for all its citizens. Since the beginning of the war, the foundation has been engaged in the rehabilitation of the communities that were evacuated from their homes.

Merage Foundation Israel website >>

We invite you to join us and strengthen personal and national resilience through employment

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