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Our mission is to provide
well-paying jobs for the Western Negev evacuees 

Who We Are

The '710 West' initiative was born to rebuild resilience for the evacuees of the Western Negev, who lost their livelihood in the war.


The initiative does this through active support committed to seeking jobs, placement, and successful integration into organizations, by a multidisciplinary team that supports evacuees and the recruiting organizations.


Experienced professional women from the fields of HR and welfare accompany evacuees, and women from the business sector support organizations in adapting agile employment models.


The team provides broad, flexible, and customized support - both for the recruiting organizations and evacuees.


We are here to ensure a successful placement for every applicant, and for any organization that incorporates new employees and gets to benefit from the values and professionalism of the men and women of the Negev.

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710 West Team

Hana Rado

A social business entrepreneur, has been working to develop employment in the periphery for over a decade

ניקול הוד סטרו.jpg

Nicole Hod Stroh

Executive Director, Merage Foundation Israel, partner of the initiative

Amutat 51 Management

מהרטה רון ברוך.jpg

Mehereta Baruch Ron

Executive Director, Amutat 51

שלומית עזרוני

Shlomit Ezroni Yarkoni

Chairperson, Amutat 51

שי מיינרט.jpg

Shai Meinart

Head of Partnerships and Business Development, Amutat 51

The Team

שני אריאלי.jpg

Shani Arieli

Director, 710 West

שלי כהן

Shelly Cohen

Director of the Dead Sea Branch

Screenshot 2024-01-11 at 9.13.57.png

Maayan Baram

Director of Eilat Branch

איה דבורין_edited.jpg

Aya Dvorin

Head of Communications and Public Relations, Amutat 51

עדן לביא

Eden Lavi

Volunteer, establishing training for evacuees

סיון כהן שחרי.jpg

Sivan Cohen Shachari

Employer Relations

איה לייבוביץ 2_edited.jpg

Aya Leibovich

Employer Relations

פזית עוז.jpg

Pazit Oz

Employer Relations

ענת שריג

Anat Sarig

Volunteer, establishing training for evacuees

Success Stories

Thank you very much for your consideration during this difficult and exhausting period, every morning I am happy that I was privileged to be a part of an important action, nothing is taken for granted, so heartwarming, thank you for everything.

Noa, Ofakim

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